Hashim Sharif

Hashim Sharif

Member of Technical Staff

AMD Research

About me

I am a member of the technical staff at AMD Research. I completed my PhD and Postdoc in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, working with Vikram Adve and Sasa Misailovic.

I work in the areas of Compilers, Systems for Machine Learning, and Static Analysis. I am particularly passionate about designing compiler optimization frameworks that improve the performance and energy-efficiency of machine learning workloads.

Research Statement     Teaching Statement


  • Compilers
  • Systems for Machine Learning
  • Accuracy-aware Optimization
  • Program Analysis


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, 2014 - 2021

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • BS in Computer Science, 2009 - 2013

    National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Lahore


  • [September 2022] Joined AMD Research
  • [May 2022] HPVM capstone paper accepted at IEEE Micro Magazine Special Issue!
  • [December 2021] Serving on the PPoPP'22 external program committee
  • [September 2021] My PhD thesis is now public! PDF
  • [July 2021] Journal version of the TRIMMER ASE'18 paper accepted at TSE'21
  • [April 2021] PhD Thesis Completed. Continuing as Postdoc at UIUC.
  • [April 2021] HPVM v1.0 public release now available! Gitlab project
  • [March 2021] Presented ApproxTuner at PPoPP'21 (Virtual) - Video
  • [November 2020] ApproxTuner paper accepted at PPoPP'21
  • [October 2020] Presented ApproxTuner at LLVM-Dev'20 - Video
  • [March 2020] Passed PhD Preliminary Exam!
  • [January 2020] Released HPVM v0.5 - a retargetable compiler for heterogeneous systems. Presented at FOSDEM
  • [October 2019] ApproxHPVM presented at OOPSLA'19
  • [September 2019] AppproxHPVM paper accepted at OOPSLA'19
  • [September 2018] TRIMMER presented at ASE'18
  • [July 2018] TRIMMER paper accepted at ASE'18
  • [September 2017] Presented OpenMP-UVM work at OpenMP Developers Conference 2017
  • [January 2016] Joined the LLVM Group supervised by Vikram Adve

Undergraduate Research